For NLP Practitioners wanting to advance their skills and professional recognition in business communication and gain many useful strategies for their personal lives also, will do so in this training … NLP Master Practitioner Training Certification, Auckland New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.


  • Greater insights into Key People in your life
  • Read and Connect with Other Peoples Metaprogrammes
  • Upgrade Your Inner Self for Personal Fulfilment
  • Have a Breakthrough – BUST old limiting beliefs
  • Connect with the You that you were meant to Be
  • Control of Personal State and Physiology
  • Learn Spiral Dynamics – Values Leadership and Change
  • Tools and Resources for more Behavioural Flexibility
  • Get Yourself Ready for Higher Income Levels
  • Modelling Strategies of Excellence
  • Multi-Tasking and Multi-level Tracking
  • Let go of what doesn’t work for you – Break the Patterns
  • Increase Your Self-Control, Courage and Confidence!

NLP Master Prac PDF

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Content List:
Advanced Timeline Interventions; Conversational Change and Influence Patterns; Belief Busters; Submodalities continued; Myers-Briggs Typologies; Gravesian Concepts – the “Spiral Dynamics” model; Meta Programmes; Meta Model 3; Values; Sorts – Primary Interest, Team, Work, Reason, Action, Challenge/Ease, Relationship, Match/Mismatch, Comparison; Trance Wars; Sliding Anchors; Therapeutic Double Binds; Neurological Types; Moire Pattern; Advanced Behavioural Modelling; Multiple Embedded Metaphors; Epistemological Scenarios; Criteria Utilisation Patterns 1 & 2; Iconic Meta Patterns; Semantic Primes; Verbal Swish; Negotiations 1 & 2; Emotions –how they work and how to control them; Paradigmatic Metaphors; Belief Change Patterns; and more …

or, for those who prefer a bullet point list. …

  • Metaprogrammes – modes of influence
  • Primary Interest Sorts
  • Advanced Representational Systems
  • Working with Core Beliefs
  • Advanced Submodalities
  • Myers-Briggs Typologies (NLP model)
  • Gravesian Concepts (the Spiral Dynamics Model)
  • Generative Learning (Level 3)
  • Verbal Swish
  • Advanced Behavioural Modelling
  • Belief Change Patterns
  • Imprinting Patterns
  • Advanced Strategy work
  • Decision Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence Models
  • Negotiations & Mediations 1 & 2
  • Advanced Language Patterns
  • Tracking and facilitating Logical Levels and Logical Types
  • Meta Model 3
  • Paradigmatic Metaphors
  • Generative Choice Pattern

…And more!

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