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MarkP6bOne of the best Train the Trainer Courses in Australiasia – providing tools, skills and techniques in the most up to date methodologies known today. This course brings to you Training Design, Motivation, and development of your Personal Style – learn, design and create your own personal Stage Charisma.

This course will increase your ability to work with different types of people, build rapport, optimise your students learning functions and develop your stage craft. Combining Spiral Dynamics (the MAP) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (the KEY) creating an amazing training combination we call Intuitive Business Learning™.

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This course blends 3 top training design models and NLP to bring to Trainers an amazing and unique design for Course Preparation, Training Delivery, Student Participation & Performance.

Your Trainer delivers this training using accelerated and integrated learning styles, giving you experiences which will anchoring the learning in you for on-going success as a Trainer. The outcomes you desire to achieve with your students are reachable, easily and skilfully.

How would you like to deliver a Magical Training – every time? You can!



Everything a person does comes from or through their brain first…. People’s brains work differently. People do things in habitual ways (habits) because their brains work in habitual ways (programmes).

People respond best if you communicate, motivate and instruct them in the way that is directly compatible with the way their brain works.

This programme teaches you how to decipher how your brain and other peoples brains work … differently. NLP is a combination of learning models and behavioural sciences – this course covers a few of them.

This course is about activating change!



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This is the work of Dr Clare Graves, and continued by Beck & Cowan – Discovering the V.MEMEs. Memetics define people’s values, thinking systems, development and behaviours, which may emerge throughout a life cycle.

Human nature is not static, but changes as a person’s conditions of existence change.

A person changes their psychology and rules for living to adapt to and cope with those new conditions of existence. An individual will respond positively only to those training and managerial principles and motivational appeals that are appropriate to their current level of existence. People learn best when they feel understood.